Capacity Building Workshop




Learning Outcomes Posters(23.6MB)

Learning Outcome Brochures for Parents

LO Hindi Class I   (3.72MB)                                             LO Hindi Class IV(6.92MB)                                         LO Hindi Class VII(7.83MB)

LO Hindi Class II(3.79MB)                                               LO Hindi Class V   (6.92MB)                                       LO Hindi Class VIII(7.82MB)

LO Hindi Class III(5.50MB)                                             LO Hindi Class VI(7.61MB)

Learning Outcome Booklet for Primary and Upper Primary Teachers(12.1MB)

Shaala Shiddhi-Manual1(Big Book)(803KB)

Shaala Shiddhi-Manual2(Small Book)(9.24MB)

Capacity Building Workshop Letter on June 2015 for 2015-16

Early Grade Litrecy Meeting Minutes 2015-16 (995KB)

Meeting with NGO 2015-16 (1.44MB)

Minutes of Meeting with SIEMAT SCERT 2015-16 (967KB)