Till recently NIEPA was the only apex institute training in the area of educational planning and management to the key functionaries of education department working in various states. There was no institute at the state level to impart training in planning and management in spite of the fact that considerable importance given in NPE(1986) for the capacity building of planners and administrators at the state level. After launching of the District Primary Education Programme in the year 1993, the need as management at the state level was felt more strongly & SIEMATs were established in different states.The Uttaranchal EFA Project is including the proposal for establishment of an Institute to impart training in planning and management to educational functionaries in Uttaranchal. The SIEMAT will be established under the umbrella of State Project Office as an institute headed by Additional Director. The State Project Director Uttaranchal Sabhi Ke Liye Shiksha Parishad will be Ex. Officio Director of SIEMAT.

Aims & Objective & Function of SIEMAT

The functions of SIEMAT will be follows

(1) Training

  • To organize Pre-induction, in-service training programme for teachers.
  • To organize training for educational planner and administrators.
  • Orientation of stake-holders,NGOs,educational functionaries and community leaders at the State,regional,district and sub districts levels.
  • To organize seminars,conference and thematic workshops related to educational planning and management.

(2) Statistics and Monitoring

  • Capacity building at district and sub district level.
  • To manage and utilize the Educational management information System(EMIS).
  • To carry out micro-planning and school mapping.
  • To prepare annual work plan and budgets.
  • To develop monitoring indicators and provide technical support to Govt. SPO and SCERT.

(3) Research and Evaluation

  • Identification of areas conduct and sponsorship research and evaluation studies.
  • Capacity building for action research,evalution and experimentation in planning and management of school education.
  • To undertake aid, promote and coordinate research activities including comparative studies invariousplanning technique.
  • Dissemination of findings.

(4) Extesion Documentation and Dissemination

  • To documents and disseminates state,national and international innovations and experiments in the area of education planning, management and assessment.
  • To conduct experiments so as to develop replicable modules for educational planning and management.
  • To utilize its findings for awareness building and community mobilization.

(5) Miscellaneous

  • To provide professional and resource support in educational planning and management at all levels of administration.
  • To network with other government and non-government organizations, institutions with in and outside the state for training, research, monitoring and evaluation in the educational planning and management and students achievement assessments.
  • To offer, on request consultancy services to the state other than Uttaranchal Govt. and other educational organizations.