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Annual Calendar of Meetings for 2008-09

S.No. Type of Meeting Description Months Dates Participants Remark
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Monthly Progress review meeting for SSA/ NPEGEL/ MDM Every Month IInd Week DEO,ADEO(Basic),DIET Principal,Distt.Cood.  
Programme review meeting of Literacy programme 8 Secretary/ DC of Literacy programme  
Programme review in Video Conference for SSA, NPEGEL, MDM, Literacy 13/23 DM,DEO,Principal DIET,ADEO (Basic), Secretary literacy programme  
2 Quarterly Community participation, IED, Distance Education April, July, October, January 20 SRG & DC related to concerned subjects  
Pedagogy May, August, November, February 20  
Gender, Girls Education, ECCE, AS/EGS June, September, December, March 20  
3 Biannual Programme/ Finance Committee February, July   Programme/ Finance Committee member  
EC meeting March, Aug   EC Members  
JRM April, September/October      
4 Annual General body        

Publish Date: 01-01-2008

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